Saturday, November 26, 2011



Currently I am sitting in the McDonalds of Cobbleskill, NY. Looking perhaps a little bit like a deer in headlights as I survey the room trying frantically to hammer out a few emails. Turns out deer are the thing that most of the people sitting here with me are after this weekend.
Said my new friend Bob; "My son got a three pointer yesterday!"

I had to look 3 pointer up on the internet. From what I can tell, it has to do with antlers.

Anyway this particular wifi hotspot is the center of the universe for me right now, broadcasting to you loud and clear this anthurium arrangement from last weekend, clicking the McDonalds Terms of Access checkbox hastily signing over my life, my liver, my ability to remember decent coffee.

Actually the coffee isn't that bad. Nor are the people in here that unsightly. There are those McDonalds you visit where everyone is sick-looking and wearing the classic sweatpant/ haltertop combo (difficult to pull off correctly). Here it looks like a bunch of fit farmers and hunters in buffalo plaid with interesting knife holsters hanging off their belts. Which makes me feel that perhaps I'm in some sort of fast food time machine, but - check again and my coffee cup is made of state of the art 2012 styrofoam.

Almost December and it's 65 degrees here today. Among other things I'm concerned about regarding the farm, dying trees is at the top of my to-research-list. Need to start putting in Palms next spring.

Been working on pulling out the plaster walls at the house. Been trying to fix my bulb beds - so many lessons I've already learned and mistakes made. It's humbling but exciting. Good for me struggle a bit and learn new things. Collecting fallen timber from the forest for a teepee for Nicolette to stay in. Nea's been doing a whole lot of nothing, and I may be starting to resent her for it.


She knows it.

{Anthurium, one of my new favorite flowers, grace this wedding arrangement of forsythia foliage, astrantia, tulips, roses, ranunculus and fushia.}


An Urban Cottage said...


Three-pointer maybe a basketball shot?

Anonymous said...

God Almighty that's pretty. Perhaps it's time to re-evaluate my prejudice towards anthurium. Oh yeah, and forsythia too.

count buckula said...

good luck on that plaster. wear a mask.

Liane said...

i am visualizing myself in the teepee in my halter top and sweats. it's not a half-bad fantasy.

Jo said...

Hahaha. Hunting season! Welcome to the country, doll. It's been rifle shots all over the place here since the season opened last Monday. The points do indeed refer to the number of tines (points) on the deer's rack. A three point is actually pretty crummy. Most guys are looking for a massive twelve point.

It doesn't look to me like Nea is too concerned about your jealousy. ;)

Nell said...

here in maine, the center of the hunting universe is ye olde dunkin' doughnuts.

and since we're sharing:
to liane: you can pull that look off because you're a fox, girl!

to sarah: truth be told, i don't care if you bless us with gorgeous flower pics or grace this blog with stevie bobby brown. makes no diff. so glad to have you back!

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