Monday, November 28, 2011

night at the museum


Oh ART! You're so quirky and full of contradictions!



Go figure. I used to be a part of this world in a different way - now I just make flowers for it. Which suits me better I suppose.
My father, who recently learned how to look at my blog on the internet will look at this exhibition - a retrospective of works by Maurizio Cattelan at the Guggenheim - and laugh. Without going down the rabbit hole of art critique - I will say that a kneeling statue of Hitler hung 30 feet in the air as part of a massive mobile makes for a rather challenging backdrop to shoot photos of flowers.


Anyway, we were honored to supply some greenery for the occasion of the museum's annual gala, and honored even more when Brian Eno, milling about prior to the event commented that the flowers were rather "tasteful." Deanna melted, I furiously twittered it, and we got back to work.


We even had time for a little stroll by central park; the girls appropriately suited in their upper east side attire, sipping $5 ginger sodas from Dean & Deluca. Thanks to the museum staff for being so easy to work with, accomodating and for letting us in to the after party. It was a fun day.



Liane said...

wooo, that's a big deal sarah. alright!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to gush, but THE Brian Eno??! As in Roxy Music??! Sweet Jesus, no wonder Deanna melted... Then again, Hitler was after all floating.

Must've been awesome, G.


bunkywu said...

Brian Eno!!!!!!!

count buckula said...

ok sarah, all these other celebrities have been impressive and all but eno...verr-nice