Thursday, September 15, 2011

happy times are here again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Flower school is back in session kiddies, pack your rucksacks your backbacks your bag lunch your bookstraps whatevers and sign up
Best time of year for flowers is the best time of year for classes
Check our two new October classes out here
Also read about Professor Nickles over at lotte and bloom today

Now I get back to wedding work...have an exciting one this weekend at the colony club
And Porcelain Berry is here at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Glamour Drops said...

What incredible textures and colours in this arrangement! I could spend hours gazing at such a lovely thing!

Ashley Fox said...

"I would gladly pay you Tuesday for some porcelain berry today..."
I must find it here in MN. Missed out on planting some this season, but plan to next go round. I know you want it all, but do you know any dealers willing to ship to MN? Just one lil' bag? :)

Jocy said...


K.J. Mhanna said...

These colors are so beautiful. I love how natural and loose this arrangement is.

Unknown said...

If only I didn't live in SC...I'd be at your class in a heartbeat. Gorgeous, gorgeous arrangement.

Mrs. Ch√Ętelaine in Paris said...

Just discovered your blog -- your pictures are just stunning!


alexa said...

whenever you post about porcelain berry I get so jealous! We never get them at the market here in SF - such a beautiful arrangement by the way!

ValHalla said...

I only thought of porcelain berry as an invasive vine--so nice to appreciate its beauty. There is quite a bit around Arlington, VA.

Unknown said...

Beautiful arrangement!