Friday, August 19, 2011

veddings, veddings

photo by Robert Sukrachand

How did I forget to share this, I don't know.
Our friends James and Jen got married at the bell house in May. Photographer Robert Sukrachand took all the pictures.

Weddings we work on for friends are always more fun. Lots of times friends say "just make it beautiful!" or "we trust you!" Love that. James and Jen wanted a rich, opulent Shanghai feel to the night. We played with peonies, oriental poppies, salmon amaryllis, nine bark, carnations, tulips, smoke bush etc...


Jasmine tea soaps were the favor...

Photo by Robert Sukrachand

Cafe lights; these make such a difference in a big space like The Bell House or at the Foundry. We all worked two weddings on Saturday before climbing a 20-foot ladder to instal these bad boys 9 o'clock the night before...well worth it.

photo by Robert Sukrachand

I don't even look tired! That's how good Bobby is...HIRE HIM NOW GIRLS

photo by Robert Sukrachand

The only thing funny here is how long Eric's hair is.

photo by Robert Sukrachand

Handsom sons

photo by Robert Sukrachand

I love when there is good dancing at weddings.


More from this wedding here on Bobby's blog.


SRC Refrigeration - Walk in Coolers said...

The lighting is especially cool. Awesome!

McKenzie Powell said...

that is such an adorable picture of you.

Kae said...

sooo good. the entire setup.

James & Jen said...

Thank you for helping to make our big day so magical. xoxo J & J

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