Wednesday, August 10, 2011

this will go down on your permanent record.








So it is true; there is a warrant out for my arrest.

A letter arrived at my parents house Monday describing options for my "safe surrender" at a Washington D.C. courthouse.

The details after this will be omitted, largely due to the fact that they become increasingly complicated, involve trips to the - god forbid - Department of Motor Vehicles and are ultimately mundane. (But I had you at that first sentence, didn't I?!) The bottom line is there is or was someone in the parrallel universe of 7:45 am December 30th, 2001 that used a name very similar to mine and my childhood address when arrested. A Sara without an "H"... really?

Identity theft - even in this rather minor, resolvable instance - is a bizarre feeling.

The upside to this debacle is that I had to cancel my Tuesday and head upstate to my folks' (the DMV in their town is like a god damn garden party compared to those in the city) and dilly dally around my parents place for the afternoon. The autumn anemones are about to bloom...a mystery plant creeps out from it's squat in an old watering can, and I found a nice smattering of bittersweet - inconspicuously stealing itself, still green, wound up in an old catalpa tree.

I love this time of year when August gives us a gentle reminder that summer can't last forever. The garden and its surroundings are in over-production, run-away growth. Edging just a little towards the realm of past-prime. A trained eye might detect the slightest fade. Here and there, a bit of rust. The rather romantic process of flora sacrificing leaves for seed.

To my stunt double; I hope you're staying out of trouble. And looking good...why not? But please don't steal any of my money. I need it all for the farm..


flwrjane said...

This may be your loveliest post yet.

Being wanted becomes you.

I live 3 miles outside of DC. I will be happy to visit you in jail and bring you a design knife.

And some flowers and a wedding or three to work on.

It'll be fun!

Amy S. said...

Wow, those white flowers with the fuzzy centers are incredible. What are they??

Your mystery plant is kenilworth ivy. The one quirky thing about this rather mundane plant is that it grows towards the sun until the flowers are fertilized and then the leaves seek darkness, hoping to find an ideal crevice to deposit their seeds - a place that watering can happily provided.

Jaime Rugh said...

My husband had this- something similar and someone in Indiana - pulled over with his drivers license info- bizarre.
Didn't find out till nj said they were taking away his drivers license for being a wanted man... Such a mess but thankfully long gone now... And I love fall anemones on a happier note

julie said...

how bizarre - at least u can see the funny side - i think if someone stole my identity they may look at my bank account & quickly give it back!!! - your photos r always so gorgeous.....thanks for sharing xxx

Sarah Ryhanen said...

those white puffy flowers are Serruria - we call them "blushing bride protea," as they are in the same family. i brought them from the city.

from the garden was the grape leaves, lambs ear, lemon balm, painted fern and artemesia.
ships very well for those of you florists far flung.

Zoe said...

well! what an exciting tuesday. i hope the law has absolved you and moved on.

happy to read amy's id of the watering can plant. i have admired it growing around the concrete foundation window in a client's south-facing border, and wondered what it was. now i know, and why it grows there, too. cool.

Sealicious said...

All this teasing is KILLING me!!!!

When will we know?

Rachel said...

Now I'll be hearing that line in my head all day!

Um, my sister used my name once and I didn't find out for years - when I needed a certification that I wasn't a criminal in order to get a visa. And this weird loitering ticket popped up. It took a while to figure out what was going on and luckily they were sympathetic. Bonus - I will be able to hold it over my sister forever!

Jessica said...

I love your description of August and the seasonal change. Very true.

An in-law of mine has had his identity stolen a few times -- all for working visas and he's a police officer.

Helen James said...

Those Hellebores are INCREDIBLE, and usually I am not a big hellebore fan
glad you didn't have to do time x

Alexa Johnson said...

Hope you managed to resolve things with the fuzz. I am so happy that it resulted in finding out the name Serruria. I am mortified every time I use the name "blushing bride". It just feels moronic. As for kenilworth ivy, I'm a fanatic. I have it planted everyhwere in my garden. It looks soft and fresh, like it just emerged from a spring rain, but is EVERGREEN! Crazy. And spreads wonderfully without being invasive. Probably on my top 5 garden plants list.

ALFIE said...

the pictures are gorgeous. your story-telling put a smile on my face. but my favorite part of this post is the violent femmes lyrics as the title post. fits so perfectly.

Anonymous said...

kenilworth ivy aka ivy leaved toadflax