Thursday, June 16, 2011

Old Field Farm

One of our volunteers this summer is a really superior woman named Cerise Mayo who aside from being a magician with Rhubarb, works as a consultant helping small farms get the exposure, help, funding, product placement, etc. they need.

She sent this over this morning, artist and farmer Peter Nadin's new work and products presented later this month at Gavin Brown. I am happy to read about his work this morning, and click through his website.


GALaxy said...

Oh, I used to have those pigs. They're what I miss most about the farm.

Anne-Marie said...

What cute piggies!

LPC said...

I believe something very sad is happening to you. Not because of the pigs, just other stuff. I wish you will, and if you'd like the random help of strangers, please just ask. Sending xox just because.