Friday, February 25, 2011


camaro 1975

So as you may remember Nicolette and I are hitting the road for CA in 2 weeks, and we've yet to establish ground transportation there. As we scour the internet for rental cars ("Convertibles-R-Us?) it occurs to me that maybe - just maybe - you are trying to unload your pristine, copper-colored 1975 Chevy Camaro in the greater Los Angeles area...?

How many flowers can I fit in a Chevy Camaro? A LOT.
Plus buying a car out west means we can drive it cross-country with ooodles of goodies from Annie's Annuals and Eric can have his Mount Rushmore heyday to boot.

I'm being dead serious - any good condition vintage wheels you're looking to sell, please email me.


Shelly said...

Hi Sarah, I live about an hour north of Annies and would love to meet you there. Any idea when you will be there? Would you even have time for a hello?
I will put your need for a car in LA out to my connections there...maybe something wonderful will happen. I hesitate to put my email address here...another way to "talk"?
And, you are brave to drive over the mountains in March. Good Luck!

mamacita said...

Not sure if this would fit the bill, but I've been wanting to try it: rent a classic VW hippie van for travel in SoCal.

Japanese Used Cars said...
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