Monday, December 13, 2010



A totally crazy week is finally over. Saturday showed us three weddings and flowers for a S&M Santa party. (We didn't ask.)
Then the Bazaar on Sunday, which we somehow pulled together in the 11th hour - meaning we wrapped soap frantically from 8-10am and then cleaned the studio in a whirlwind - eventually opening the champagne around 1pm. So much for being on time.

Today I wish I had:
a personal masseuse who did house calls.
then a bit of my particle physics reading over a lunch of warm roasted kabocha squash with lentils, hazlenuts and goat cheese on a bed of micro greens.
While we're at it, I'll take a loft apartment with a great big modern bathroom the size of Rhode Island. With a tub that fills in no time. Actually I'd be happy with just a clean tub.
Then later I'll mosey over to my mirrored bar and stir myself the perfect martini. turn on my soundsystem and what's playing?
now we're relaxing!

Hope you had a great weekend.


ashley english said...

for you, from me, to enjoy in front of the mirrored bar:

git it, girl.

Unknown said...

Yikes, that lunch sounds perfect and now I need to go and fix me something similar!

shellie said...

that definitely sounds like the life...maybe someday...when you are retired.

rebecca s. said...

sounds like a dream!

add a never ending supply of gourmet chocolates and call it a day.

Unknown said...

The holiday bazaar was fun and worth braving the rain. I bought a stack of soap and one candle for presents. I ogled the hot pink geodes but they don't match my white Scandinavian decor. Thanks for the baked goods and champagne--sorry my friend knocked over a bit of bubbly while petting Nea.

Liane said...

just made your carrot soup from another post. eating for lunch. it's real good. thx sarah.

Erin said...

so pretty!

RITA said...

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