Thursday, December 9, 2010


getting ready for Sunday's Bazaar..taking our mixtape s s s s s se se serious
when we get it all assembled, I'll post it so those of you who can't make it out can hum along..

otherwise our wreaths are made, glitter glittered, cocktails planned.
soap wrapped. candles bagged.
glass blown.

and the geodes have been dusted*

and now we got FAY onboard selling her wares, so the plot thickens.


* Yes, I bought some geodes at the NY Gift Fair last year. Got a little trigger happy, k? Don't judge me! Some sold, some didn't. A girl can have her geodes and ... keep them too. But I might just put some on sale come sunday. So if you've been dreaming of a hot pink agate geode book end set then...girl, I got chu!


Anonymous said...

Totally wish I could come to the Bazaar (crap flying conditions)...>:(

Anywho, I checked out Fay's goods. That brass custom money clip???! I see one in my very-near-term-if- not-immediate-future. Do u think you could hook a sistah up, boo?

jenna said...

I've been so, so looking forward to the bazaar, but I don't think the Astoria to Red Hook trek is going to happen in this weather today. :( Really disappointing. Will your shop be open next weekend?

Anonymous said...

Any chance you'll still post the mixtape?

Mackenzie said...

yo saipua! gimme dat mixtape!