Monday, November 8, 2010

wild is the wind




Just back to the city
I roamed around a bit today with nea in sleet and wet snow up at my parents house
When you look at the rain and the rain looks heavy and white, that's probably snow whether you're ready to admit it or not
The colors of autumn change drastically week to week
Today the forest was tan, beige and bright teal (from all the moss and lichen)
Lots of wind and drama
I can not get enough of this season

Ali, lucky number 5 won the contest Thursday night. Her favorite color is green of all shades.


jin.e.king said...

trying to think of something better to say than wow, but really....WOW!

Jolie Goodnight said...

This is one of those moments when I wish blogger had a "Like" button.

Ali said...

Thanks so much for the flowers giveaway. They were delivered to my friend (who was having a rough week) and turns out she was having guests for dinner. The flowers were the finishing touch for her table!

Anonymous said...

These photos are great; I love the colours too.
What camera are you using for these Sarah?
(also your Marrakech photos on Flickr are fantastic, I don't know if I had seen them before. Beautiful. I was in Chefchaouen earlier this year and dream of going back)

Anonymous said...

Love that phrase "wild is in the wind..." seems perfect to describe the weather here in Seattle as well. Wind, wet and cold. But still beautiful and interesting as some trees completly lose their leaves and others just keep changing colors like there's no tomorrow... Seasons changing, man, it's a delight to watch and be a part of.