Monday, November 1, 2010

weekend check list



-reluctant pumpkin carving, check
-botanical gardens, check
-face painting, intimidating 9 year olds, check check
-weddings, check, check
-friends from out of town, box wine, check, check
-pulled muscles, check
-candy corn as cavity locator, check check check check, and check
-danielle dax makes an appearance at saipua, check

more on the weddings later or tomorrow.

*And those of you who were interested in knowing more about the new Just Because Initiative, will be happy to hear that I did connect with Cindy last Friday to deliver her lucky flowers, and how nice it was to take leave from the hectic studio and go meet someone new, someone who give you jam filled heart cookies none the less. Guess that sets a nice little precident for our next winner, doesn't it


Sara Lacey said...

Contemplating a move to Brooklyn just to participate in The Initiative...

Cindy said...

thank you again, it was so nice to meet you! to raise the bar even higher i took about 200 photos of those gorgeous flowers and will post about them tomorrow on our blog. i think i got carried away ;)!

Jo said...

That water lily photo is the prettiest thing I have seen all day.

Caroline said...

Your posts literally make me laugh out loud. Thanks for being so talented, witty and entertaining.