Tuesday, November 2, 2010

one of these things is not like the other...





happy tuesday chickens! time off is amazing! yesterday I got a massage, and read the new franzen novel for 2 hours straight. then i went to barneys. then i ate italian cookies, made romanesco and rigatoni, drank some more box wine, beat my boyfriend in a mean hand of rummy 500, then fell asleep watching Stray Dog, and old japanese film that has been holding up our netflix que for 6 months

today we're going to the met. it's official, i've arrived at yuppiedom! i just ate some raw honey
help me


Anonymous said...

WHAT tree peony is that, please! gottta, gotta plant it; I have a couple others (so I do KNOW how expensive they are) but that's the most gorgeous color and shape ever!
Love your blog--makes me wish I lived in a big city where you can get interesting flower arrangements and interesting things to make your own flower arrangement. You're an inspiration!

ashley english said...

you're awesome. or, more apt, to use your phraseology "rad."
huxley thanks you for the lovely gifts. finally, i'll smell nice. ;^)

Kate Holt said...
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Kate Holt said...

isn't life grand...even if it is yuppie-ish. time off is delicious.