Monday, November 15, 2010



My favorite recent jewelry acquisition - these Suippo bracelets handmade by Fay Andrada.
Suippo translates roughly to peak or point in Finnish. Fay is half Finn and is always saying things to me in Finnish that I don't understand. I spent half an hour this morning translating all her jewels. I'm not sure what Ulpu means*, but I have and love those too.

So we're talking about great gifts here. And it is that season.
More on that later today...


Nina said...

Ulpu is a first name, probably shortened from Ulpukka, which is a yellow water-lily.

Alokita Bose said...

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diana banana said...

you know, i hovered over the link for Ulpu and it says "hamburgers." and....they DO look like tasty meat patties in a bun, now that i think about it! (that makes them even more awesome)