Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Dear Ralph Lauren,

Hi. how are you. good -
listen, remember when we were chatting on the deck of your cedar planked silk-masted schooner...
you don't?
thats funny the coast of San Remo?

you tan, and dressed all crispy in white linen and shit, me in sun deflecting oakley razorblades and spf 50 and a pacSun windjammer?

we were talking up Fall '10 runway and I gave you the idea to make dresses based on my designs, and then we toasted with a fine '78 cuvee and sailed LITERALLY INTO THE SUNSET but not in a romantic way, because gross, your son briefly dated my cousin in the 80's

well I'm glad to see that panned out for you R, and so well I might add - as I keep running into this dress which I basically designed for you peony/anemone hybrid and all! PLEASE send a size 4 (fine, i mean 6) to the address below where I've been waiting for it since February.

I actually have a real dinner party this time for it, not just my usual 7pm cocktails and cheezits with Eric.

Next time in Monte Carlo?

Florally yours,

S. Ryhanen

147 Van Dyke Street
Brooklyn, NY

*image from Elle via moodboard


Desi McKinnon said...

Ralph, I know mail is slow, but get this to her already. You don't want to piss off your Muse, no matter how much Cuvée you ply her with.

Susan said...

Oh how I've missed your blog while traveling in the wilds of northern Canada where I had to shell out $5 per KB to access the Internet on my phone. Back in the US tonight and home tomorrow with the last stash of maple syrup. Love you. M.

Anonymous said...

Totally gonna strike this pose using my "shabby chic" bed sheet. Take that RL.

mckenzie said...

I think you'll get it. And I'm very glad you included your address. He's gotta feel a bit guilty about this.

Mayesh International said...

LOL. Brilliant

Inessa said...

Love this letter. You should totally get the dress.

count buckula said...


AmyE said...

Dear Saipua,
Hi, how are you. good-
Listen, remember when we were chatting on the sunset side of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden...don't you?
That's funny "so-and-so's" wedding? Or was that just a dream?
You white in your Ralph Lauren peony/anemone hybrid maxi-dress with undershades of ocean and me in my emilyryan custom gray dress?
You were talking up your new giveaway and I gave you the idea of flying me out from the midwest for a weekend of crazy designing to get the full Saipua experience?
Well-I'm glad to see that panned out for you, S, and so I might as well thank you in advance for plucking me out of my humdrum existence for one weekend of flower fun that I've been dreaming of since last week.
Here's my email address in case you misplaced it,, and by the way, my favorite color is robin's egg blue with brown flecks.
Next time at your Brooklyn studio?
A. Edlund

Chloe said...

What a lovingly crafted letter. The dress is sure to arrive shortly. If not, our dear R is a real prick.

ttv said...

That's a cool photo. She's so lovely.

escalante blogger said...

I like her too.

nina kincaid said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah,

you are brilliant!

love the girls at home/made

Anonymous said...

LOL....I'm just seeing your letter to Ralph. Too funny!If he doesn't come thru, do you want to use my discount? LUV you guy's amazing work and eye for beauty!