Sunday, May 23, 2010

There was this pie a few weeks ago I have been meaning to tell you about.

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I wanted to share it with you, and tell you that despite scores of disastrous baking attempts, it seems that i can pull off a simple rhubarb pie, and yes i made the crust. my mom was a home economics teach for gosh sake.

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Speaking of baking in the family, it was actually my grandfather who was the pie maker in the family, and come to think of it rhubarb was his favorite. he had to learn how to make a pie when my grandmother either couldn't or didn't feel like it anymore. anyway we made a few pies together in our time, and I guess I didn't forget how.

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Those of you who've followed my occasional culinary pursuits may remember my disregard for weights and measures. thus i don't have a recipe for you. but i will tell you that my favorite pie crust uses half butter, half shortening and a bit of vinegar.

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I'll also tell you that I've been experiencing occasional numbness in my arms and need to stop typing now.

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Anonymous said...

looks delicious!!

marie said...

yum ;)

Alice and Stuart said...

hang in there, May is almost over. we should try our hand at rhubarb. stuart's arms go numb sometimes too. freaks him out. lets go to a farmers market soon and eat some raspberries. yum.

flwrjane said...

That is one beautiful pie.

dulci said...

ooh rhubarb!
this looks amazinggg

bigBANG studio said...

Ditto on the whole weights and measures thing. And what a very winsome pie indeed. I'm also admiring your whole sink setup, what with your sundry china and agreeable sinkside plants.

Rhubarb is so easily my favorite edible spring stalk that we've been eating lots of these, if you're interested (though it does require a wee bit of measuring for the rustic dough). Hard to find crème fraîche in the rural desert so we pile on crema mexicana with a pinch of lemon zest and cardamom. HEAVEN:

Jo said...

Girl, these pics are so simple and so gorgeous. How do you do it? I would say that this sounds yummy, but I have never eaten rhubarb. No, honestly, I haven't. So I wouldn't know.

couture dresses said...

I made a rhubarb pie this weekend as well. I love how the sweet and sour mix in it.