Thursday, August 20, 2009

From and order this morning: Purple dahlias, coleus, scabiosa, black-eyed-susans, jasmine.

At some point in the past Eric and I both quit smoking, and tonight I desperately miss it. Lots of things banging around in my head all week to share, but I am one of those writers that has a difficult time actually getting to the writing.

Granted it’s been tough in New York this week, what with the heat and all. Apparently, Darla, our one-tooth wonder is struggling too – as I type this I’m watching her out of the corner of my eye. She’s positioned half-in, half-out of the liter box and cat pee is slowly pooling in the middle of the bathroom floor. I already know that I will probably forget that I witnessed this, and step in it an hour from now.

I had just prepared for myself a fancy chef’s salad, and now I have eaten it. Perhaps you would call this more of an anti-pasta plate, a mingling of marinated artichokes, nostrano salami, arugula, some Spanish cheese which I don’t recall the name of. Once, while heading east on Rt. 6 near Indian Point, Eric and I heard a radio host use the phrase “the finest meats and cheeses in all the land…” ever since we refer to cold cut dinners as such.


small stump said...

the new place looks amazing. i wanted to go to nyc for a visit when i was in rhode island last week but it was too friggin hot and humid. anyways congratulations!

Shiori said...

The new place looks absolutely stunning and I hope to take a visit out there soon (I'm lazy and I'm in Jersey).

FYI, the Daily Candy (today!!!) did a lovely write-up about you!!! Congrats!!!

What Possessed Me said...

The flowers look beautiful against the new backdrop.

Someone at work once told me she ate a selection of "meats of the world" at a restaurant in Soho. Why does "meats of the world" sound incredibly unappetizing?

janicebotterill said...

I've visisted your blog via 'lobster and swan', what a beautiful shop you have. Amazing flowers and beautiful interior.

Unknown said...

Your new shop looks beautiful. I also liked your sauna pictures some time ago. The sauna is so similar to thousands saunas we have here in Finland. And nice that you call your grandmother Mummo.
Have you ever been to Finland?
Riikka from Finland

Lise said...

You have the most beautiful blog, I am awestruck. When I get to the east coast someday very soon, I'll drop by, would love to take in the beauty in person! Warm wishes from Australia, Lise :^)