Monday, July 13, 2009

warm fuzzy peachy post

Word up: My friend Ashley from Small Measure is doing a contest where you can win her peach lavender butter (pictured above) JEEEZ! All you have to do is comment HERE with your favorite summertime food memory...DO IT! PEACH LAVENDER BUTTER! Her wit and deep knowledge of all things homestead will soon be available in books on raising chickens and canning and preserving...

In other news we're shipping out today for Brimfield to look for final touches for the new shop. This is the fun part. Plus Eric has promised me we can eat at Friendly's. He just came out wearing a backpack. I hope it's full of cash.

I'll try to post from the field..


shellie said...

I love those orchids and your dog! You ought to do her up with flowers and do doggy photo shoot!

Rachel said...

i used to live a town over from brimfield and REALLY MISS THE FLEA MARKET! say hi to the double-decker ice cream bus for me.

Anonymous said...

Ok, that bouquet is GORGEOUS!!! yay big creamy dahlias! And, my favorite summer food? Peach cobbler with vanilla icecream! Good luck with the new store, I cant wait to see it. You rock.

jezebel said...

I am green with envy, re: Brimfield and a Friendly's Happy Ending sundae.

Donna said...

If only I liked peaches...I'd enter that contest in a second! BUT, my man just made sour dill pickles with tons of fresh herbs from the garden so they should be ready to eat straight from the Bell jar in the near future!

Oh, and BTW: that bouquet is fab...

La Maison Fou said...

Pretty flowers & the doggie is dog gone pretty too!
Nice images and the colors...

Unknown said...

You are an artist with a sense of humor. I love your floral arrangements and I wish I had occasion to buy your work.

Summer foods: cherries, strawberries, apricots and apricot jam, tomato + green bean + potato + mustard vinaigrette salad.

Anonymous said...


i love your blooge!!! :D

I hope both of you will always be healthy and happy. And also lead a life full of love.

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