Friday, July 24, 2009

trying to bring a begonia back to is almost ready, last night we had a break-though about how to set it's so different from the old shop. it's been a real challenge trying to make it feel new but keep the old feel. oh whatever, i'm probably just thinking about it too much.

i've had brittney spears TOXIC stuck in my head for days.

later skaters


jezebel said...

can't wait to see

Jo said...

Thanks for sharing that. Now I'm gonna have it stuck in my head, too.

Unknown said...

hallo, I'm a london interior stylist and free lance florist, and have been obsessively reading your blog which i stumbled upon a few days ago its hilarious... in a good way and your work has really blown me away, although it has left me feeling totally inadequate about my own skills! but hey its always good to be inspired... it seems to me that if you can rock high waisted lee jeans (lucky you) and listen to carly simon you can only be in a good place, as for toxic i can't hear that tune without remembering a particularly harrowing experience i had with a shambolic posse of mine when street dance classes seemed a really good idea, us sad-os complete with sweat wrist bands thought we were rocking it! the visual image now only makes my toe nails curl... ps check out Bat for Lashes english band that i think you may dig.