Thursday, June 11, 2009


from one of last weekends weddings...things here are still crazy town with the move. we've been working out of BAKED (coffee shop) and from's been a bit hard to keep up...thanks for your patience everyone.


Flower Design Events said...

Very, Very Beautiful as ever!

Sara Lacey said...

Your designs certainly haven't suffered...hang in there!

sug said...

you are SUCH the talented florist!
i am in LOVE with your work.


Pam - housemartin said...

oh, I feel your pain - a year later and I still have flashbacks about construction.ugh. you will be in there soon though and you will LOVE it! Happy Bday to dear Eric.

Anonymous said...

Extremely lovely arrangement and a lovely, very personable blog... Discovered you via Housemartin and am quite pleased I did!