Tuesday, April 14, 2009

First Aid Kit

Nicky sent me this cover tonight, and then I found this by the same girls (above). I saw Neko Case perform last night. Shes is...something else. I have been missing real music lately. Eric put on the stereo tonight and we listened to an old Bjork album. It made me remember college and a some sort of perceived freedom.


Michelle said...

those girls got so popular I'm not surprised they're making tv appearances. they're pretty great

Anonymous said...

love their voices.. and dig the fleet foxes cover over the original.

Clementine said...

I love First Aid Kit. I think I've listened to the FF cover over 100 times since I first heard it last year. It's so haunting and lovely.

and Neko Case, what a great show that must have been, I'm really liking her new album.

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Canoe said...

Wow! First Aid kit is new to me, and that was wonderful. It reminded me of first discovering the Indigo Girls in high school, and finding a way to channel all my frustrations and pent up anxiety in a band. Strange trip back. Thanks!

Unknown said...

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