Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Even on a rainy day its magnificent.
The new Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Not magnificent. I was listening to it and it was so boring, I cried. So then I turned on the television and watched an episode of the Dog Whisperer where Cesar visits Ed McMahon. Then I ate 2 almond joy easter eggs. In a word, the antidote.


17 beats. said...

FUCK, sarah. i have started watching this show called 'locked up abroad' (nat geo-- same channel as cesar!) it's terrifying.

you have to watch it. :-D

nath said...

Those almond joy eggs sounded pretty good. Almond and chocolate being an excellent pairing.

Try A Woman A Man Walked By, the latest offering of PJ Harvey & John Parish, it'll have you weeping in a totally good way.

taylor0002 said...

thats nuts!!!! some people are loving it, myself included, and others not so much. i admit i didnt like it the first go around, but now its my anthem album. that being said, i didnt cry the first time either.