Friday, February 20, 2009

This is bascially blowing my mind right now:

Before the days of lip-synching! I'm going to set up a recording studio in my apartment! I'm going to be a SINGER ya'll!!!!


ashley english said...

I love that you love Babs! I used to have a picture of her over my bed in high school-not a poster, mind you, but a picture I tore straight out of Harper's Bazaar. I'm 32, which means everyone else had pictures of Kurt Cobain over their beds. Not everyone got it.

keri said...

That HAIR! That DRESS! She looks like a young, blond Cher.

Anonymous said...


what kiiiind of fooooooooool...?

Anonymous said...

oooeeoo! Just when I thought your blog could get no better you go post some Babs. So flowers and La Strei, my two favourite things.Heaven.

If ever you're in London,you must search out a wonderful florist/tea shop called You don't bring me flowers. I think you'd approve!
Off to create a babs chain and post a fave from youtube on my blog.