Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's basically like death in NYC right now. Rain. Sleeting sideways. I'm looking through my iphoto (which i hate by the way) for relief - and found pics of the tomato garden from this past summer. Tomato Bob has a special on seeds right now - select seeds are selling at 1945 prices! You do the math!

Here in southern NY seeds can be started indoors around Feb. 1st. That's only 3 weeks away.


ashley english said...

Yes!!! Nothing like buying seeds when the weather is wacky!!! Ah, the garden....the soil....spring!!! We had tornado warnings here last night-in the MOUNTAINS in JANUARY!!!

amy merrick said...

1945 prices? That's so funny.

asphalt and air said...

those tomato photos are hurting me.
i too am feeling the weight of winter here in zurich (where it is freezing, freezing, freezing!).
let's start dreaming about fresh tomatoes instead of worrying about winter.

Laura said...

ugh. ditto about iphoto.