Friday, September 19, 2008

on prayer, elusive anemones and the GOP

Working on bouquets for weddings tomorrow. With 1 down, I have treated myself to a coffee break.
In line to get coffee I was eyeing the last of some cookie samples and i found myself practically praying (?) that there would be one left by the time i got to the front of line. (There was.)

The gorgeous autumn anemones that have been available on and off at Fischer and Page were left out of my packages this morning and not worth the trip back to the city. if you know these flowers you will sympathize.

I am thinking about Bella Abzug and the current state of feminism. I am wishing politicians would stop abusing the word "maverick."


ashley english said...

Not a fan of the Drillah from Wasilla? Yeah, me neither.
Did you read Eve Ensler's Palin comments? She's good with the monologues, that one.
Sometimes I take more than one cheese sample at the local natural food store cheese counter. I sometimes buy the cheese from which it is sampled, to atone for my guilt.

17 beats. said...

i love your acidic palette. my favorite.

Valley Flower Company said...

oh i totally sympathize....thats a bad morning :(

Laura said...

I heard the NPR story about Bella and was so impressed, spent the whole morning thinking about her. Neat lady.

rony @ catbird said...

i think i may divorce my husband so i can get married again and have you do the flowers. that's reasonable, right? (side note: i forgot to hold my bouquet at my actual wedding. and it even had sweet peas in it.)