Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I was cleaning our bathroom at the shop, i mean office tonight - and though it is not a public bathroom - if you or your small child were here and needed to use it, I'd now let you. I made the mistake of cleaning the toilet first. Everyone knows the toilet is last, like when you were small and you're mother taught you how to take a bath. You wash your feet last, face first.

Eric and I a few days ago were debating the following:

I you had a paper bag that when you reached in it - always produced the same food or drink anytime of day forever - what would it be? I said a perfect chocolate chip cookie, he said a milkshake. (Booze, the obvious answer to this is off-limits.) What would be in your bag?

Also I wanted to share this with you, a new little bar/flower shop in Ditmas Park. Susan an I ate lunch at The Farm on Adderly today and found that the same owners opened Sycamore two doors down. In the front is a gem of a flower shop, the back a bar and glorious garden. Very exciting...


Laura said...

Definitely a tall fizzy ginger ale.

Anonymous said...

steamed sweet corn on the cob


grammy's applesauce


a bowl of cereal (with soymilk)


pita chips

17 beats. said...

an eggy-cheese sandwich on raisin toast.

P said...

Funny, I wash my arms first. No idea why. But feet - definitely last.

This is such an excellent question. So challenging, especially for a glutton like me. I'm having trouble deciding between mini Peppermint Patties, jelly beans, blueberry muffins, strawberry rhubarb pie (in a bag??), or cherries. Notice the lack of beverages. Who wants a beverage when you could have a blueberry muffin?

ashley english said...

a perfectly ripe peach would be transcendent forevermore.

L A M A R T I N É said...

a veggie burrito....wait this is a flower shop with a full bar in the back? whoa, that's what i neeeed! but... maybe a mini bar.

Anonymous said...

tough very though
I'd have to go with a good ol' BLT or
butter pecan icecream

Coveiter said...

the color combo in that second pic is absolutely lovely! gorgeous photo.

as far as what's in the bag - if it's food, then a sushi roll with lots of sauce would be nice. and drink - water of course.

{ julie }

Lisa said...

I know this was posted a while ago but i'm just now discovering your absolutely inspiring blog now :) In response to your question, i would definitely choose a slice of 'tarte au sucre' (or sugar pie in english?) I'd likely be huge but it would be oh so worth it ;)