Friday, July 11, 2008

trances, cave paintings, broccoli slaw

[a delivery of cymbidium orchids and smoke bush in a carved rock vase]

-a trip to issue project room last night resulted in 40 min. of ambient noise an a half of a Modelo that cost $5 (we should have said we were with the band). Jodi Cave, a UK sound artist, gave the better performance (it actually sounded like something) and I was temporarily entranced. Speaking of trances -- the newyorker published a ho-hum article about paleolithic cave painting a few weeks ago. It highlighted a recent theory that prehistoric cave painters may have been engaging in quasi-religious trances (due to high carbon dioxide levels found in the caves). Trances most always involve three stages - the last being the communion with animals...thus, as this theory posits, why we see animals almost exclusively in prehistoric cave paintings.

-tonight i would be cutting a rug with Aaron at my alma mater's Summer Mix Tape benefit but alas I'll be wallowing in my broccoli slaw poolside (it doesn't take much besides the promise of a cruciferous vegetable and trip to the salvation army to get us packing for the country).

-saturdays plans are secret

hope you have a great weekend - sarah


Melissa said...

What a BEAUTIFUL arrangement. I lurk around your site regularly and am always amazed at your artistry!

17 beats. said...

have fun on your secret day.