Wednesday, February 20, 2008

'sure we deliver in manhattan'; boots wit tha fur; St. Tropez

So truth be told, relaxing makes me anxious as hell. I spent the past two days without obligation; my feet up watching movies and staring out the window. By the end of it I felt I needed some sort of dreaded phonecall, a homework assignment and a xanax. I've now been at work since 6:30 am*; it's nice to be back.

I hammed it up at the flower market this morning. St. Tropez tulips pictured above. I swore off tulips last week, but couldn't resist these puppies with their purple zebra stripes. Picked up mostly purple loot...more photos to follow tomorrow.

I left work for a few hours to make a delivery to Soho this afternoon. It's pictured up top of this post. Occasionally I'll deliver to Manhattan (never trust messengers with flowers) if one or more of the following conditions are met:

- There is a lot of soap to be wrapped at the shop.
- The delivery location is within walking distance to Murray's cheeses.
- The delivery is in close proximity to some semblance of the artworld I feel comfortable re-visiting.

Today's delivery to Soho (ie. Wooster st. galleries) was for a woman I recently met who is opening THIS store soon in Austin. Lucky Texans.

Generally unimpressed by the state of contemporary art these days, I was pleasantly surprised at Spencer Brownstone by the sequined works of Chili Moon Town Tour Productions (a collaboration between Anna Galtaross & Daniel Gonzalez).

Attempting to stir awareness of the immigrant experience, Chili Moon makes works that flush out the ironies formed by material desires and metropolitan realities. The sting of bling, if you will.

Real good stuff.

I then trotted over to Deitch projects to see the much buzzed Michel Gondry exhibition. Be Kind Rewind has turned the gallery into a makeshift movie making machine. You and 4 of your friends can sign up to create a short film using the equipment and stages provided for you by Mr. Gondry. [Imagine telling your own tragic breakup in the poetics of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?] Or you can just visit the gallery and tour the sets. No beach scenery unfortunately.

There is, however, a nifty moving train set, a police station, and a bedroom with changeable wallpaper. These interiors have the appeal of the dankest (I mean that in the literal sense) Salvation Army and the pizazz of Andy Rooney. Everything looks like cardboard even when it isn't. The lighting is impossibly fluorescent and the props are uncannily generic. All in all, very charming...but just that really.

I just used the word pizazz in a sentence. See you tomorrow,
ps. 'boots wit thafur' gonna have to wait till then.


Unknown said...

just found your blog a couple of days ago and have to leave a comment on how gorgeous your arrangements are. can't remember how i found it but am planning a wedding and likely found it while trolling around wedding website and such. the flowers are so unassuming, not too precious, yet striking. and very refreshing after seeing tons of the same old "wedding" stuff. you have an eye!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your daily experiences. sooo different than mine. my favorite thing about a blog. observing life. refreshing.