Thursday, January 3, 2008

I'm back fully at Saipua today and with the freezing cold and mountain of work to do I'm having difficulty focusing..

..and better focus is one of my New Years resolutions. Other resolutions include:
- joining the park slope food coop
- learning how to sew (better)
- see more live music
- get eyeglasses

I have a cooler of flowers I should break out and start working with. Anemones are in high season right now. They are grown domestically at Battenfelds up in (the other) Red Hook. Their farm is a great place to visit next year for cut-your-own Christmas tree and a bunch of 'seconds' anemones.

These are some purple hybrids I used in New Years Eve table arrangements.


Anonymous said...

hey S, check out this website:

It'll help you with your eyeglasses resolution! hope all is well with you. don't get e's germs.

Sarah Ryhanen said...

g - this site is the cateye graveyard, what a hoot! I got mine yesterday already, simple rounds that make me look like harry you'll like them i think.

Jayendra said...

grate collection....and good habit to manage the things since....

Anonymous said...

wow - I love your blog and i looooovvvve your flowers. you are beautiful.