Sunday, December 30, 2007

We were visiting family in Virginia last week... its an incredible feeling to return to the city and realize we survived I 95, let alone New Jersey drivers and the women's restroom at the 'Chesapeake House'. Needless to say returning to Brooklyn is a joy, and I again have access to good cheese and Aaron's collection of LP's..

The holidays always come with a certain anxiety for me and honestly its great to have them over with. But the television! I get a fix of TV this time of year which provides me with a windfall of trivial knowledge (preparing rabbit 15 ways, Iron Chef) and mind-numbing entertainment (America's Next Top Model, Kung Fu Hustle). I often think TV may be the antidote to my recent tendency to spend too much time inside my head... I once worked with an artist who described her television watching as her evening cocktail; although I'd be better off with both. In the meantime I have Youtube, and the endless wealth of historic U2 videos it has to offer.

Eric and I have discovered the key to surviving the season is knowing how to buy gifts for yourself. I succeeded in this area especially well this year, resulting in (but not limited to) a vintage virgin wool poncho from this gem of a shop in our neighborhood called Go Fish and, from our ever-enticing neighbor Erie Basin, this agate ring AND snake stick pin which I've worn on a few occasions but will be gifted to my mother later today.

2007 was the year of the poached egg. If I had poached an egg before, I don't remember it, but have done so hundreds of times in the past 6 months thanks to Aaron and his tendency to poach for breakfast lunch and dinner. (For the record, the adding of the vinegar to the water and the creating of the spiral jetty and all of that does nothing for me. Boil water, crack, 4 min.) Yesterday we did it right with champagne tomato sauce, lox and creme fraiche.

SAIPUA's plans for 2008 include
1. a 70% olive oil soap
2. a new kelp votive candle for spring
3. a resolution to be more fastidious about charging sales tax
and 4. a possible move ?????

Much love to all my friends and family who have read this and supported me in the past year through many changes and rough spots. Now onward.

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