Monday, November 26, 2007

What a perfect gloomy day today. Sleep-till-9 kind of gloomy. Wake up and eat-marmalade-out of-the-jar gloomy. I found this Jacques Brel record in Aaron's collection and can't stop listening to it. It's ridiculously good, and, unfortunately probably featured on hundreds of compilations with titles like "Evening at the Bar Tabac" or "Continental Cafe."

Regardless it works wonders on a day like today.

So the folks at New York Magazine were kind enough to mention our soap in their Best Bets section today. Which means I walked to Cobble Hill to pick up a copy, and quickly peruse some of the shops. (Alas I returned empty handed; Smith St. is disappointing lately.)

Have you seen this lemon tree in the window on Court and Butler St.? Its dripping in fruit, I stop and stare at it every time I pass it.