Monday, October 8, 2007

Working late tonight to avoid the shop during the heat of the day. The weather round here has been disorienting. Not only has it confused my sense of time (october?) its unleashed a last round of especially vicious mosquitoes. (I'm out of citronella spray Mom.) Each of the past few nights I have woken up at an ungodly hour to that familiarly disturbing buzz - the faint hum of the worst bedroom intruder. In a panic the lights go up and I sit still in bed like a child on a ghost watch.

Perhaps I'll hang a mosquito net and live out my childhood far-eastern princess dreams. FYI: Only female mosquitoes are hematophages.

Tonight I make the labels for saltwater soap, bay rum soap, and, back by popular demand: red currant with lemongrass. We'll call it the scurvy trilogy.

Darla is also on the clock, but not so happy about it. She's come into her own this summer, and like most teenagers wants to spend all her time out and about. Tonight I keep her captive - tonight she will be a lap cat.

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