Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Last weekend the boss and I took a few days to go backroading through the sticks of Vermont and New Hampshire. Although this was technically a buying trip for the shop we managed to set aside some time for good eating and sightseeing; not to mention the necessary catching up mom and I accomplished in between destinations.

48 hours went like this:

Kingston; Evening Auction

1. A Mortar & Pestle to grind anything ever grind-able.

2. Set of four depression green juice glasses.

3. An old watering can with the number 10 on it.
(Note: Pansies still on fritz. Transported to Plant Hospital outback for more shade. Possible transplant shock, or the unseasonably hot weather?)


1. Antique quilt with playing card motif on reverse.

Flea market along the way somewhere in CT:
Picked up more glass bottles for the shop and another crocheted potholder for the collection.

Spencer Finch; What Time is it on the Sun We both really enjoyed the site-specific installation CIE 529/418 (candlelight) in which Finch replaced the windows of the gallery with different color panes of glass in order to replicate the exact color of candlelight. People look good in candlelight.

Stopped at
Wookcock Farm to visit with cheese maker Mark Fisher. We sampled his cheeses, most of which are made with milk garnered from his herd of sheep, which I was lucky enough to encounter in the field with the help of a few adorable and unruly sheepdogs. Their Weston Wheel is terrific, but overall the fresh ricotta we brought home was my favorite, best eaten with a spoon right out of the container.

Leaving Woodcock farm in a cloud of dust we boogied down RT. 30 to Dummerston to visit Scott Apple Farm where Zeke Goodband has masted the art of heirloom apples (over 70 varieties). Probably the highlight of the trip for me was meeting Zeke and having him select the best heirlooms for my half-peck goodie bag. At one point he noticed a flawed Orange Cox's Pippin (due to a hailstorm earlier summer) and ran to replace it with a different apple. He's hosting an heirloom sampling this Sunday, October 7th at which you might be able to sample the illustrious Winesap, a deep reddish purple apple which had not been harvested yet when I was there.

Lastly we pillaged a dealers auction on our way home through CT; gaining necessary items such as an old harpsichord, a box of old mason jars,
a set of 6 ceramic 3D fruit and fish plates, and a pair of eerily quiet Scandinavian dioramas. Butter churning is going to be big this fall.

More pictures from our trip here.

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Anonymous said...

First of all, I love being referred to as "the boss"

I made applesauce with the rest of my heirloom apples this morning....yummmm.

And the sheep's milk ricotta made a scrumptious Italian Cheesecake!