Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Things I love: wondering about human nature, watching economy in the natural world, romance, sheep, working dogs, making something out of nothing.

Food, wine - really good wine. Pasta, bread, tahini, vegetables, spigarello, herbs, lemon verbena, steak, rare-medium rare. Martinis. Cigarettes alone after dinner. Beauty. Vintage Claude Montana. Stone fruit. 

Making big dinners. Drama. Candlelight, storytelling. Oracles. Science. Quality eye contact. Compost. An unexpected clarinet.

Two opposites being true at the same time. Melancholy. Water. Staying home. Rhythm.

Winter? fine, a little. Getting used to things, contemplating progress. Throwing things out with abandon. Eating baked goods. Coffee three times a day. Staring out the window. Walking to get the mail. Anticipating packages.

Lilacs I love. Blooming late at the end of May. Never for sale, who would know what they're worth?
I have a photo of Eric somewhere locked in a hardrive or an old iphone standing in front of one of the 100 year old lilac bushes here, fists raised like a boxing champion. 
I wouldn't change a thing about any of it, I suppose. 

Oh, and autumn. more than anything.


LC said...

I like this list.
It includes rare steak and martini both of which I made myself last night.
I also like this audio valentine and maybe you will, too:
It's a strange reading of Orpheus & Eurydice
full of jewels like
"To guide someone through the halls of hell is not the same as love."
The poems are by Gregory Orr from his book "Orpheus & Eurydice."

much love,

Anonymous said...

holy cow, that was a gorgeous bit of reading.

Anonymous said...

This was exactly what I needed to read today. Thank you!