Monday, December 17, 2018

Summer 2019 RESIDENCY PROGRAM at Worlds End

We've finalized our calendar and schedule here at Worlds End and are excited to announce open enrollment for a very special residency program we're going to host here for 3 people at a time over the course of July and August.

Having just three at a time enables me to engage more with each resident and gives us the opportunity to tailor farm activities and our resources to each participants specific interest -- whether that be floral arranging, art making, textile arts, photography, cooking, resting, etc. It's not a flower arranging course, but there can include flower arranging and tutelage everyday for those of you who are looking for that. Some of you may want just to be fed three meals a day (we eat so well here, ask anyone) and to be able to swim and pet animals.

I'm really excited to dip a toe into a teaching arena again - this feels more intimate and drawn out than my past teaching experiences.

Some of you are going to think it's too expensive, others may think it's a good deal. I've wavered a lot on this and picked a price in the middle of all the suggestions I've had from various friends and colleagues. I want everything here to be free -- free from the often unfair constraints that money puts on experience and free from the unfair sorting of differing socio-economic groups. Time and space residencies should be free, but like a wise friend recently reminded me - Worlds End does not have an endowment, and unless I get out of my own way on this and sell more things from here, I'll be out of a farm and out of a way to do the work I know is mine to do.

I hope you trust that (despite my certain proclaimed proclivities for luxury) it is my intention to make this a place for sharing the kind of wealth that can't be measured in a bank account. The first residencies cost a considerable amount of money - but one day soon - as we get more and more organized here and able to sort out new ways of working and supporting this farm - I hope to be able to have the financial flexibility to offer more and more experiences and programming free or for a nominal fee - starting in June with farm tours and lunches here at our on-site Coyote Cafe.

If you have any questions about this residency program feel free to email me (sarah at saipua dot com). Once you sign up I'll follow up with an email containing a short set of questions about you, your work/business and what you're looking for in the week long residency. Details for registration are HERE.

*And to the commenter named 'K' who suggested a sauna-building residency: please email me ASAP and we can talk about a mutually beneficial exchange! sarah at saipua dot com

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Lauren Wilson said...

Hello! Is it still possible to sign up for the residency? I clicked on the link but it didn't work.

I am very interested!

Thank you,