Monday, October 22, 2018


In my office at the farm I throw everything out with abandon. Why are there so many bad books that get published? I make crate after crate of books to donate. Why are there so many cookbooks in the world?

I go through envelopes full of receipts for groceries when Saipua lived at The Castle; endless receipts from Fairway for lemons and Ezekiel bread. Never did get that sponsorship from Ezekiel bread which is why I probably couldn't sustain such a large company.

Part of my austerity measures includes Zoe making bread, thus saving our farm budget dollars for kerrygold butter and coffee. Rachel brought us a sourdough starter in April and it's proven to be the most fruitful gift. God bless women who eat white flour with abandon. The world will only survive if we in the west adopt a diet with more carbs! We dream about endless bean and cereal crops here at Worlds End. Talk about threshing machines vs. human labor. A few days ago Zoe pulled our cow pea crop - a fruitful gift from Meg Paska last spring - she gave us a pint jar of peas which resulted in about 75 bed feet of pea plants in the field. Zoe and Bryony begin to shell the small peas over martinis one night while I fix dinner. An hour later and they've only shelled around 1 cup of peas. So I'm thinking about the economy of time.

The experiment of Worlds End is an ongoing and a multifaceted creative conundrum.  How do we feed ourselves, teach ourselves, nurture ourselves with beauty and share the excess with strangers?
I clean my office out because in this experiment I can't afford the distraction of clutter, watered down books, instagram, or people who drag me into that sort of place where comparison and trendiness rule the roost.

I want to grow even better flowers and food in 2019 and make it so incredibly great for the few of us who live and work here. More discos in the barn and swims in the pond dodging the big snake.

(White martagon lilies and goat's beard from July)


Vail said...

yes yes yes. I awoke at 3am after a 48 hour migraine decided to finally subside enough to open my eyes - and search the web. And here you are again, so glad you writing here, again, often. I love listening to you.

LPC said...

Beans, I think. Beans and the allium family?

But in any case the abundance of your posts here is a joy.

katie said...

dear sarah, we just had our anniversary so of course i thought of your beautiful flowers and you and the great gift of beauty you gave us on our wedding!! love reading all these dispatches from the wild wild north. xo

Unknown said...

Love reading your posts again, so refreshing!