Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Happy Birthday Susan!!

Yesterday my mother turned 70! We're in Siena celebrating all week with some of her friends. Nahvae and Nicolette are here as well cooking and arranging flowers.

Susan is the reason for any season! A lot of mothers tell their daughters they can be and do anything they want, but it's rare to have a mother actually demonstrate it. Susan has taught me about fearlessness, how to be positive and go with the flow, and how to work hard. She also knows deeply about leisure, how to relax and how to make a party (demonstrated in her martini bar prowess recently at Worlds End.)

A home economics teacher and then school librarian for 30 years, she started making soap as a hobby after retiring from the school system.  She was selling it at the Peekskill farmers market when Eric and I offered to help her with packaging -- that's how Saipua was born, almost 15 years ago. In the time since, Susan and my father Pentti have made over 1 million bars of soap!

I just can't imagine a more resourceful, loving, clever woman. Or a better collaborator. Or a better travel partner. Happy birthday Mom! 

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Shelley said...

If Susan let her hair grow long would it be as big as yours? Happy Birthday Susan. I do miss my soap deliveries.