Friday, January 30, 2015


[do you like sweating and sipping champagne? this could be you]

As we expand in 2015 we are looking for two new apprentices. The right candidates are tough, smart, hungry, and willing to get up early. Applicants should be able to commit 3 days a week starting March 1st and finishing in June. 

1. Events/Weddings Apprentice

This person will work under Genevieve Rainsberger our Art/Marketing Director and assist her with administrative tasks pertaining to client inquiries, budget preparation, contract writing and Saipua marketing and outreach. This person will see through the planning and execution of several large spring events; and will learn to arrange flowers in our distinct style. Strong communication and interpersonal skills required. Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office a must. 

2. Studio/Event Production Apprentice

This individual will work under Deanna Nairns our Studio Director. Deanna runs the Saipua studio, and her apprentice will learn floral design in the Saipua style in order to assist with deliveries, retail sales and general studio upkeep. This person knows how to always anticipate the next task without being told. He/she is willing to get their hands dirty, clean buckets and occasionally ride along on deliveries. Knowledge of coffee a plus. [We're soon launching a coffee program at Saipua....]

Internships at Saipua are rich with possibilities. Since the programs inception in 2008 Saipua has turned out some of NYC’s most sought after new florists. We expect above and beyond performance from apprentices and in return offer free soap, flowers, lunches...and floral guidance forever. Collectively our interns have helped build Saipua into what it is today. They become like family and we are eternally thankful for them and keep them close in our fold. Potential opportunities for long term employment for the right person if the stars align. 

Interested applicants will send their CV and a brief letter of intent to sarah at saipua dot com
In the subject line, please note which position you are interested in. 

Application deadline is February 6th
Interviews conducted February 18 - 25th. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds great! Is this a paid position?

Amelia S. said...

So you don't pay, I guess. Man, I just find it so fresh that a small business owner would be soliciting free labour. If you're doing huge events for Louis Vuitton and you can't throw your people ten dollars an hour, maybe it's time to do some soul searching.

Anonymous said...

WOW Amelia S. you couldn't be more wrong! I find it so fresh that you make such giant ASSumptions, even stating they need to soul search. Being one of the Saipua apprentices of the past, I find your above comment truly insulting. I walked away from my apprenticeship with an incredible wealth of knowledge, and Saipua has only nurtured and helped me grow since then so that I could start my own flower business. They have always been there for me, and even though the position was unpaid I learned so much from my time working with them. After my apprenticeship was over with their company they hired me on for several freelance jobs that allowed me to leave my old corporate job, so that I could begin to change the direction of my life. As crazy as it may sound they changed my life. I have such immense respect for them, showing me all the ins and outs of the industry, making me apart of the Saipua family, and since then I have started my own business of which they recommend and send clients my way . I think you need to do some soul searching, and while you're at it maybe you should learn a thing or two about the fashion industry before you make such judgment calls.

Flower Delivery said...

Great post... thanks for sharing.

Send Valentine Flowers said...

Excellent post, deserve appreciation.

Amelia S. said...

Anon, I'm glad you had such a good experience. That's great for you. But there are those of us who are not affluent enough to do work for no pay. I don't need to do any soul searching—I need a job that pays me an honest wage. I wonder how many people of colour get internships at Saipua?

count buckula said...
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count buckula said...

Dear Amelia-

The Saipua post is for an internship 3 days per week, not a full-time job which would be 5+ days per week. It is not uncommon for internships to be unpaid, especially in the creative arts field.

I'm a white male, from a lower-middle class family. I didn't need to be affluent enough to do work for no pay. I had to be willing.

Early in my career I worked two unpaid internships at a small record label in San Francisco. I had to work two additional jobs waiting tables to afford living in a tiny room on the side of a kitchen. I was dirt poor, had student loan debt, and parents unable (and unwilling) to support me.

The experience was challenging, frustrating, memorable, instructional, and transformative. I have no regrets.

Good luck with your job search.

Anonymous said...

Hey Amelia!

I don't want to gang up on you or anything but......come the heck on! I took a class from Saipua and I was hooked from there and wanted to get some adtional classes so asked to be there intern. The internship taught me so much and they then hired me as a freelancer....what. Yeah, they hired me...then I got other jobs. This aint no run of the mill florist. Plus you have to make sacrifices to get what you really want. Like work a full time job and then work 15 hours to learn something special.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Anonymous said...

and they give you tons of flowers and feed you.

Deniyo Nil said...

Hey I am interested in the first program that is for Events/Weddings Apprenticeship. Is it a certification program? Actually I have worked several wedding events NYC. But I am not a certified planner, so making plans for attending a certification program. Please send complete details!

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