Friday, February 15, 2013

friday february 15th, 2013


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Hi, hello, good evening.

It's been a long day. at the flower market in the city this morning I did all the things, got all the flowers, talked to all the people. Then i got in the truck, turned on the news and heard about the meteor, then the asteroid (you should know the difference). Then of course the cruise ship.

I kept thinking: today is the sort of day that something bad happens...or something rather phenomenal in my personal life. The news of someone's death, and you'd always remember the day - the way it started like any other, then the strange news on the radio, and then the bad news. Just another reality unfolding objectively in the passing hours. The world goes on around you...


...but nothing bad or unusual did happen to me today, I'm happy to report. Though I did cut my finger with my clippers...something - dare I say - I've never done before. My eyebrows already furrowed, I watched myself carelessly cut a stem too close to my thumb.

I must have clipped a finger before - and if I was trying to be really honest (I'm not)(whatever honesty can possibly mean in such a format as this) I'd tell you that every time I clip a finger I announce to whoever I'm with that  - by god - that's the first time that's happened.

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This past christmas eve, holed up in the city and refusing holiday obligation, I had myself a little festive Lars von Trier marathon and watched Melencholia. Today's asteroid passing reminded me of it. And for a minute this morning in the trafic on the west side highway...I thought to myself. What if this near-Earth asteroid - 2012 DA14 - 190,000 tons of compacted space dust was indeed on a collision course with earth. And scientists had already buried themselves in underground bunkers with decades worth of supplies or blasted into space on secret space craft.

Then months ago, when they decided about all the important types of people they'd need to save with them in the bunkers in order to keep the human race going...well us florists we would really get the short end of that stick.


catja said...

Oh, that´s strange, but Melancholia was exactly the same what I was thinking about... I remember how scared I was after seeing it.

Saya said...

Hahaha you're the best "...whatever honesty can possibly mean in such a format as this" - exactly, sometimes I wonder if there is any truth on the internet at all - and yet it's what we rely on for 99% of our information.

Didn't know the difference between meteor and asteroid, so I went to look it up, read that if a meteoroid / meteor reaches the ground and survives impact, then it is called a meteorite. Courtesy of wikipedia, who knows if that's true or not but I will take it as such.

Bow Street Flowers said...

Melancholia was the scariest movie I've ever seen, with the possible exception of On the Beach.

Ally Ann said...

this was one of the most entertaining/real post i've read lately. I tend to see things in the news or my life and end up going on a tangent in my mind. i can relate to this entire post.
terrible sorry about your finger.... it only happens once though right...

Heiress Emma said...

We would get the short end, huh... yesterday at a party someone said to me, "a florist, well, I guess there'll always be work for you". I didn't know what to say. In hindsight "Not if earth got hit by a meteor" would have been a good response.

I liked Melancholia a lot, until the last 2 minutes.

PS. This is Emma from the Sydney weddings 101 course :)

fleur_delicious said...

Funny, I had the same thought about the asteroid. Especially when I woke up and heard the news about the meteor. But no bad news Friday ... a whole lot of stillness, Jane Austen flicks (I'm getting over a respiratory flu), finishing an embroidery project.

Limestone veneer said...

Love much scary movies like MELANCHOLIA.
~ Herman Swan