Wednesday, May 23, 2012

over and out



week in review;
fell in love with Sonoma county and it's roses. 
cessna flight to farm.
did some farm stuff.
back to city.
made weddings.
hoarded iris.

living off coffee and antibiotics.
heading back to farm.

BTW: one of our pree-mo freelancers and dear friend Eddie is stuck in Portland for a while looking for work.
he's good as a backup floral assistant, farm hand, etc.


Mihaeko said...

Wow, I hope you're ok! Take good care.

(Beautiful pictures.)

crown flora studio said...

Your photos are wonderful and I am always looking forward to your next post.

The Field of Gold said...

Sonoma. So far away across the pacific. But it does remind me of here.

Kristina said...

great pictures, just discovered your blog and really enjoyed it!

Ally Ann said...

Your photos.... Always so mysterious and dark.

Liza said...

Oregon? I can spread the word...

bigBANG studio said...

just fyi you + hubbly + raccoon dog, despite threats of composting each other, are not helping dissuade my lust for an abandoned farm my mom is trying to convince me + hubs + our doglets from buying in rural nj. (happens to be just down the road from said mother and papa).

if it makes you feel any better in your low moments of paint-scraping and woodchuck chasing, run-down farm salvation is contagious. so put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, as my grandmother would say. have a lovely long weekend upstate!

Simple Living Los Angeles said...

feel better the world is a more beautiful place because you're in it!

sweet harvest moon said...