Saturday, May 5, 2012



Happy Saturday
The girls are downstairs in the studio getting wedding stuff together, I am taking a minute to sit down and collect myself.

This morning I miss my Nea, crazy crazy girl.
These pictures are from 2 weeks ago. We were leaving the farm to come back to the city and we stopped at one of my favorite places; The George Landis Arboretum.


The dog and I were both worn out from farm stuff but to take a walk through the crabapple grove didn't seem like work. It didn't seem like it would take too much effort. I said to Nea; "I'll SEE YOU at the ARBORETUM?" and her ears perked. Shes such a good old girl; up for anything. Up for trouble especially.

A place like this stands in sharp contrast to the city gardens I've been stomping around the last few years. At the BBG the other day I watched a security gaurd yell at a woman who was settling down in the grass amidst the lilac grove. NO LYING ON THE GRASS!! Of course it makes sense, thousands of people have to be able to enjoy the gardens on any given day, rules alleviate the stresses of so much traffic.


So at the arboretum I winced in horror as the dog tried to climb up a crabapple tree - in my delerium I forgot where we were and anticipated a scolding from onlookers. But we were of course all alone in the gardens. The two of us slowing down. Watching the old trees bloom, the craggly lilacs set in their hillside without enough pruning. Unkept in the best way.




Mandy said...

Hi -- this is a GORGEOUS post. I want to make sure that I didn't miss anything though -- is Nea okay?

I hope so, and I hope that she'll be with you enjoying the farm and field trips again soon!


skong said...

freedom. nea knows what's up.

Ella said...

We drove through the countryside the other day and my daughter looked in awe at the fields and sighed, "wow...I could run as far as I liked..." Although even that's not completely true. That arboretum looks like a very special place.

Thank you for all the posts and the constant inspiration. Your flowers make my heart sing.

Come to England and run a class, one day, will ya?!

Bridget said...

Nothing compares. Nea is so adorable!

17 beats. said...

nea is such a scamp :-) god i love dogs so much. i thought that once i had a kid, our dog would fall out of favor, but she hasn't. she's still the apple of my eye -- i think i might even love her a little more.

Splendid Stems said...

plant sale there in 2 weeks :)

Lisa said...

Nea climbing a tree! You made my day.

anna said...

i love it!