Thursday, March 15, 2012

thursday 10:01 am

been drinking coffee in my chair by the window, made breakfast (instead of just taking a long glug from the keifer jug at quarter to 6...) looking at all of your beautiful flower blogs on the internet. I got out of bed at 8:39 this morning!!!


The question is, will I be able to keep myself from going down to the shop to play with the most insane hellebores I purchased yesterday??? We'll see.

I have so many things to write about; I'm so excited and caffienated and exhausted at the same time.

It's been a long hard winter, I've been sick a lot which is unusual for me, I've been working too hard I'm afraid. I have a plan for more balance, and more time off but it's hard to stick to plans. For me at least.

working hard

The farm is out of control. Remember the beautiful pictures that once graced the pages of this blog? Forget them! Erase them from memory! Now what we have on our hands is a war zone, and a muddy one at that. But from destruction comes rebirth, and hopefully in a matter of a few months we'll have a livable farmhouse (complete with my dream of a water softener and windows that open) a stabalized barn, a tiered kitchen garden, and a lot of deer-eaten tulips. (I've called in a nuisance permit with the DEC subsequently making our hunter friends very very happy. I could write pages and pages on fencing but it would be interesting to .1% of you.)

Back in brooklyn at saipua headquarters things have been a little upside-down. We're all resting today, reassembling ourselves tomorrow. I've called a 9:30 meeting to brainstorm some big changes that I want to take place. I love change.

I hope you all have great days. It's 45 degrees with dense cloud cover in nyc this morning. My mother writes me this morning: "Enjoy this cloudy day." She knows me so well. I'm going to walk the dog, something I've missed doing the last few days; something that always makes me feel calm and sane.


Anonymous said...

Weird. I was talking to a couple of friends from upstate NY last night about nuisance permits for deer. Strange dinner conversation.

Deb Lacativa said...

about the deer thing (and I have nothing against thinning the herd since we've done away with the top predators) the thing with the hair clippings really works. (from the film The Rookie).

this took place in Westchester..

My sister works in a hair cuttery and I begged for a bag of floor sweepings and sprinkled them around a bed of peonies that, three years running, never made it past easter. The deer and rabbits kept away and the blooms were fabulous!

Fox Fodder Farm said...

Deb's right. It works as well as peeing theory...just less stinky.

Amelia said...

I love Nea.

Ally Ann said...

i could cuddle pretty hard with that furry little pup.

fleur_delicious said...

awww, Nea. So cute.

I bought a bar of Saipua basil soap at marigold and mint here in Seattle today! I cannot wait to use up my old soap, it smells SOOO good. =)

Anonymous said...

Nea is a love

little part said...

ah deer...when we first moved out to the "country" (western nj) i was so excited to get planting...little did i know i was throwing a huge party for the deer and groundhogs...i feel like the next day, it was all 2" high...just like that. i'll have to try the hair clippings, so far any kind of sprays have been salad dressing for them.

mary lou said...

I live in the NC countryside and have lots of deer, peacocks(don't get them), donkey, horse, chicken stories and I would love to hear yours.
I have found that herbs planted around things you don't want the deer to eat will keep them away.