Monday, February 13, 2012

dare I say...











Dare I say Manhattan is the new Brooklyn?

There is so much good coffee, so many high heels - so many well-heeled. Standing in line at LaColombe on Lafayette yesterday I felt underdressed so hard I blushed and backed out slowly. I was wearing H&M, and not ironically.

Big city, it's so inspiring. It's fast, and it's free of handlebar mustaches and full of snakeskin. [YOWZA, trend alert!] And also it has a new flower shop, but only for one more day. Girls who say they don't want flowers are lying. It's complicated.

We're done taking orders but accepting walk-ins. I stocked it up again this morning.
223 Mott Street
Tuesday 10-8pm
Someone already brought us cupcakes, now we need gin.

ex-ooooohhhhhhh yes I did


Lotte and Bloom said...

it looks perfect

Karin said...

Oh all the flowers. Love them. And some of the best dressed girls I ever saw turned out to be wearing H%M and Zara. So I bet you looked great too.

Have a lovely Valentine's day. Are you expecting flowers yourself?

Sarahbeth said...

Well I don't know - if you're going to buy me sad died marigolds and those purple straw things - then I don't want flowers. I don't just want any flowers - I want Saipua Flowers. Y'all make me want to move to NY - & that's one hell of a compliment. If you can't tell folks this time of year - when can you tell 'em?: I have a total crush on Saipua. Happy Valentine's Day.

Janet said...

definitely some crazy gorgeous flowers going on there!

Amy said...

I stopped in on Saturday. The shop was so great! It smelled amazing in there and I got myself a very pretty mini bouquet. thanks!

17 beats. said...

i hear ya. i went onto the island for a DENTIST appointment and felt like a fucking hobo.

have fun with all the v day hoopla ! i hope someone gets YOU flowaz, too.

Anonymous said...

The flowers are gorge and that Deanna? I almost didn't recognize her, she looks a bit strange. Hope y'all have a fantastic v-day!

Anonymous said...

Deanna is a BAD ASS. Happy V-Day, Ladies.

Unknown said...

Pretty pics! Happy V-Day!

angelica said...

beautiful arrangements. i love flowers and every week i buy myself a bouquet for my studio. never been to manhattan or brooklyn but h&m sounds good everywhere.

Leah Marie said...

Hoping you received the gin!