Friday, December 2, 2011

evening post.


We worked later than usual at the studio on tomorrow's weddings and then I went to the grocery.
Came home, showered, picked up my clothes off the floor, fixed dinner. Lamb chops, potatoes, garlic aioli. I really love condiments. Fixed peanut butter sandwiches for staff tomorrow. Look at email. Open wine. I am so exhausted that when I saw the wine was a screw off top instead of a cork screw I said a silent prayer of thanks for the bit of saved effort.

I've been trying to keep up with yoga, but had to skip a class this afternoon which makes me cross. Things get hectic exercise is the first thing that gets dumped. With the farm shit and flower shit I've been trying to be diligent about the stretching and massage so to keep my body working smoothly. Can't find a good masseuse. They all play it too nice.

What I really need this week is a sanitarium that specializes in revitalization and meditation and whatever else. Throw some broiled fish and jasmin rice up in there, some freakin green tea and shit. Have a specialist come in and take all the muscles out of my back and soak them in milk for a few hours. Un-kink them all, and then arrange them back in there. When I check out of the place, the valet brings around a sweet little powder blue 1981 jaguar XJ-S convertible.
Blinded by daylight I pull out my wrap around oakley blades.
"I'm sorry, but this is not my car."
"Yes Ms. Ryhanen, it is."

And then I realize it is. It is my car. How long have I been here?

*PS We've posted new flower school classes over at Little Flower School, and there's a free class give away - check it out before Monday when we call the winner. Professor Nickles and I have been zeroing in on teaching ideas lately. Next to be announced is a weekend warrior weddings 101 class (a two-day extravaganza geared towards people looking to expand and hone their wedding work) and a freaking nut-zo class at Garden Valley Rose Farm in California. So stay tuned for those...Hey - I hope you have a really lovely weekend.


blukats said...

I like your idea of how life should be.

Desi McKinnon said...

You need a Rolfer. They never take it easy and you feel so good after. Helps with your yoga practice too.

Thanks for sharing your evening post. Especially when a cork would have put you over the edge.

flwrjane said...

If you can find the place/person that does the muscles in milk thingy please call me ASAP.

It's a must do.


Bow Street Flowers said...

Totally with you on the screw off wine cap after a long day.

Joan said...

@Desi - that is so funny. I was just going to comment that she needed a Rolfer. They are amazing.

count buckula said...

what-up nickles

Laura said...

it's far but worth it.

Amy said...

You need to go to a hamam. They spare no one!

Jessica said...

Have you tried Thai massage? I like a nice deep massage and the Thai massages were almost too much. Granted, I tried them in Thailand but surely there must be someone in NY?

Your writing is, as always, fantastic. I love it even more than the flowers!

Anonymous said...

I adore your work but must you use the word shit next to flower :-(

amd said...

Have you tried Alexander Technique? For anyone who needs to use their body more efficiently (and more effortlessly) to keep up with the demands of their job - it's life. changing. It's unusual, but it's worth exploring!!!

shbzr said...

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