Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Saturday at Alder Manor





It is just so beautiful at Alder manor, there are no words to describe it. Actually I can try;

You know the scene in the newer Great Expectations (which incedently, if you decide to watch it again it will be a major cringe fest. and then oh god, you remember how Clemente was your "favorite artist" because of this movie and it goes into a shame spiral bigger than the one you had in Urban Outfitters yesterday when you - ok lets just pop this into the first person - I almost bought a floral print crushed velvet dress. everything there is shit, which I knew, and was why I was avoiding it at all costs successfully for years but the bottom line is when you've been shopping deprived {see; bought a farm} and suddenly you find yourself in an UO {{surrounded by pre-teens picking food out of their braces and the [maybe?] stripper buying a feather covered two-piece hot pants jam}} with a credit card in you pocket.. all bets are off. some poor 3rd worlders will have a job thanks to me succumbing to the poly-cotton blended smells-like-teen spirit-pseudo-prom-dress I bought thinking i could use it for my halloween costume (think big ass floral head piece meets ripped black lace with a blood trail) {kidding!} {{not acutally}}). it was with regret that I bought said dress and then returned it only to find 3 other things I "needed." Had a big clemente catalog from the guggenheim show [1999?] sold it for a song during my non-consumer phase [2001] Must have seen the new (then) Great Expectations sometime around then)...where Kip wanders through Ms. Ditmore's (Anne Bancroft) overgrown mansion to find her upstairs in her boudoir sipping a martini?

If you remember those scenes then I don't have to explain my delight at arranging flowers at Alder Manor on Saturday any further...if every wedding could be this delightful to prepare.







Clare Day Flowers said...


flwrjane said...

These pictures are incredibly beautiful.

is that garland made of olive?


abpaulson said...


kathleen said...

Best stream of consciousness post ever. Also: Mrs. Havisham's boudoir is the bomb.

Unknown said...

So beautiful! These pictures makes me smile!

lauren said...

the photos are beautiful
always love your flowers

and you are hilarious

i look forward to your posts, i love your writing!
it makes me wish we were friends

rock on

Idilluc said...
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Idilluc said...

Gorge. Always look forward to your posts - such an inspiration for me as an interior designer!!

Do you fly to CA for photoshoots?

Idilluc Design

Falls Flowers said...

that tree peony! those persimmons! i so love the tones of this wedding. you always amaze & inspire.

@jane - garland looks to be bay leaves to me.

ten thousand things said...

WOW, this: "...oh god, you remember how Clemente was your 'favorite artist' because of this movie and it goes into a shame spiral bigger than the one you had in Urban Outfitters yesterday when you..." ummm. YES.

Love your blog. And we're neighbors! Also I OWN THIS MOVIE on DVD. Clearly we need to meet one another.

Atelier Carmel said...

Stange coincidence, I also wrote a post on flowers and Anne Bancroft as Miss Havisham, and on the same day...
Must've been something in the air.
I still have that movie on DVD, and I tried to watch it recently. Cringe fest is an apt way to describe how I felt. I still love those paintings Clemente did for the movie though...

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Kaylee said...

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