Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Colony Club


We had the privilege of working at The Colony Club this past weekend, a stunning place on the upper east side. I ran into Ivanka Trump on the corner outside.


If you follow my twitter and bother to open any of the instagram pictures I uploaded that weekend, this is old hat for you. I love live twittering an event, better yet when there's heavy lifting to do. Eric rolls his eyes.


What I didn't divulge in the tweets was any details about the bride; possibly the sweetest most excited one of the year. At one point she told me she wanted to hug the flowers. Me too! I said. And the bride's mother...her overwhelming enthusiasm for flowers and our work is the reason I keep at it.


Many congratulations Thayer and Jay!

*a few more photos here. i sadly didn't do a great job photographing this, but the good news is that my friend david is making a video of our process based on this weekend, so i'll share that when it's ready.


Susan Stripling said...

I photographed this wedding! :) Thayer and Jay are amazing clients and your work is BEAUTIFUL.

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