Monday, February 7, 2011

a sweet deal

NEWSFLASH! took a break from snorkeling and petting baby octopi on a deserted beach to pedal down to the local D-Link on the island where the nicest people are letting me power up to the internet - all so I can bring you this very important announcement:


GOLD DUST, fools! On a rainy afternoon before I left I tasted them myself. The most perfect truffle ever. Monica who makes them has outdone herself!!! Deanna is waiting with her headset on, ready to take your order. This is especially targeted to the 6 men who read this blog! Get a plan Stan!

Can't wait to return and tell you more about my the meantime close you eyes and imagine you are here with me. I wish you were...

*The biggest thank you to my cupid angels; Deanna for running such a tight ship while I've been traveling and Asheley for being such a damn talent and making this beautiful flyer. Te echo de menos!

**MOM - we're not fighting too much, and Jesse only threatened to leave once, and that was after she discovered a lizard near her bed. Now she sleeps comfortably with a net. Love you.


Anonymous said...

Where are you? So insanely jealous and tired of this snow. Have a fabulous time!

Desi McKinnon said...

I've wanted you to be my local hookup for flowers ever since I discovered you, but now I'm so damn sad that I can send my man down to your place for vday.

Please clone yourself soon.

count buckula said...

deanna!!! boh-boh boh!

EMILY said...

Gaah. I'm having such a blue day and this post made me giggle so much. The bit about your sister sleeping with a net is something I would do... net provided by older sister of course. Thanks for the smile! x

Unknown said...

Thank you for this amazing offer! You have the most gorgeous and artistic arrangements and I'm spreading the word!