Tuesday, February 15, 2011

magic, love, mystical visions

lighthouse vieques

I have returned from paradise and assimilated back into the routine of Saipua, what with its flowers, its dinners, its friends, girls, walks, wine, emails, plant watering, candle lighting.

Everything in my apartment smells like the sea. Shells and pieces of coral keep emerging from my pockets and unpacked bags.

I'm overwhelmed this afternoon with the best news from friends, anticipations for a traveler, and all the catching up we have to do in the coming weeks. There is so much love I can feel.

While I was away I had a mystic vision of sheep and specifically sheep's milk ricotta. If you know about such things, lets talk.

I've missed you.


Ricky and Chelsey said...

A family around the corner just started a sheep's milk cheese company I will ask around about it!

17 beats. said...

welcome back, dear friend.

Alice and Stuart said...

You are so sweet. We're glad to hear your travels were magical....as you deserve nothing less. I'll be trying to take more time for myself as well this season. and tell Eric his making fun of my team was only kind of funny, but not really.

jennifer said...

nice, hope you had a great trip! did you visit the bioluminescent bay and come out unscathed? if so, me and my jellyfish lashing scars are jealous.

Anonymous said...

I know, I know--it's a bit of verbal snobbery--but, hey it's my mission in life. After all what's more important than our verbal skills. To that end: it's: this mens IT IS: it's a contraction; that's what the apostraphe means. EX:
It's not my thing: meaning IT IS not a thing I'm interested in.
I LOVE your postings-am hoping this clarifies something that's clearly confusing to you (and tons of other people). Thanks for the pleasure of your flowers.

Sarah Ryhanen said...

ricky and chelsey - let me know anything you find out!!

jennifer -i avoided the bio bay (sacrilege, I know) because of your story

anon - really appreciate any grammar help I can get, thanks!

alexa said...

Bellwether Farms here in california makes an insane sheep's milk ricotta! baked into a galette, it's pure heaven.