Saturday, January 8, 2011

free flower friday arrangment for lauran


Orchids running amuck around here - what with the class on Sunday, and with all winter flowers generally sucking this month. The flower market is bear! Desolate! Time to be creative with what god gives us in winter; greenhouses in Miami
Thank you Barbara!

*Top arrangement goes to Lauran winner of this weeks Just Because Initiative. Those orchids should last her 2-3 weeks after all the other flowers perish. Longevity is one of the orchid's great attributes.


LPC said...

Sadly, my ex-husband grew orchids. Close to 100 of them. I don't expect I will come to love the category in this lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Are those GREEN lisianthus I see???!! Cuz if so, I'mma stroke out over that arrangement.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous! I'm smitten with chartreuse yellow at the moment.

Inessa said...

that green arrangement is so pretty. I have never had the best luck growing orchids they are very finicky

Djamila said...

i smuggled orchids from ny to vancouver and they are reliably blooming tiny sprays of yellow and pale cream as they always do in the darkest days of the year :)