Sunday, January 23, 2011

for lloyd

...whose yard I snapped this twig out of 2 weeks ago. i'll come clean for you, it wasn't the first time i shoplifted from another's garden. because i'm so street

now this twig is full bloom in my kitchen; a january miracle.
now is the time to force your forsythia lloyd
i can teach you.


Erin said...

growing up my Mom often told me that stolen flowers always smell the sweetest.
Ha,for some strange reason, they are so much more magical!

Lisa said...

Thanks for this lovely (hopeful) image on this horribly frigid day.

DM said...


Anonymous said...

but you'd have to charge?

Anonymous said...

I love forsythia. They make me feel like spring must not be so far away.

Alicia said...

love forsythia too. And kerrias.