Sunday, November 28, 2010


hello muffins!

I have so many things to tell you about! Where do I begin? OK, let me get my microphone...and let me cue up the music..

First of all, when I return to work on Wednesday it's going to be Wreath Week. Wreath making, wreath selling, wreath photo-shooting, wreath giveaway (Thursday). Still spots left in our wreath-making class Wednesday night at Nikki's studio. Sign up, make 2 beautiful wreaths (one grapevine, one evergreen on a wire frame) and eat Bûche de Noël with us. Say "Wreath Week" 10 times fast. You can't. Next!

Second; Duck liver pate. Can't stop, Won't stop. Duck livers (2) cut up in small pieces - 1 large shallot and one clove of garlic - mince them - melt 3 heaping table spoons of duck fat in a skillet, saute shallot and garlic for 30 seconds. Then add your livers, salt and pepper and cook for around 3-4 minutes till just done in center - cool a few minutes, then process in a food processor with 2 teaspoons of cognac or port if you don't have cognac. Chill for at least an hour, the eat it with good bread and cornichons.

Third; Here is the result of a 2 hour long break from work yesterday when we came home to "grab something quick" (see: eat pie direct from the pan) and ended up becoming entranced by the light in my parlor and my slightly past-prime Thanksgiving arrangement. Of course, you'd never put flowers atop of a radiator! I can because we ain't got no heat at chez saipua. Having just gotten hot water back after a 3-day hiatus I feel very fortunate to not have to boil water on the stove to wash dishes.






Meg said...

Holy moley...I think
that ranunculus is having a transcendental experience.

PS could you please tell me if that gorgeous shade of persimmon has a name?

DM said...

Loved dancing and reading this blog post! That liver sound DE-lectable!

Anonymous said...

The 10 x "Wreath Week" made my kid laugh so hard he started drooling. WORD.

Anna said...

I need some help!
This is amazing: I have been to Barcelona this autumn, and I did see this pretty purple plant all over the balconys there. Back home in germany I could not find it anywhere... But now, there it is! In your second picture, right next to the fan!
Do you know her name? Would you let me know?
Thank you! - And a happy Hello from Germany,

Carol said...

Gorgeous flowers and gorgeous gal! Lovely to see! I wish I could come to your wreath week. It has been a long time since I made one. Enjoy the holiday preparations. ;>)

erin jane / atlantic treefox said...

beautiful photos & flowers!

Mlle Paradis said...

sounds like a good week!

Caroline said...

Where is that beautiful shade of paint from? I would love to know...
Beautiful arrangement, as always.

jessica said...

these photos are gorgeous! i especially love the first one!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I did a private flower class this summer with you--it was fantastic! I'd also love to know what brand and color this coral colored room is. It has so much depth. Thank you!

le petite macaron said...

what a trendsetter...first the fashion industry, now everyone wants the color of paint on your walls. what will you inspire next ;)